An article from professional model, who is using this platform for more than 4 years
What is Model Management platform?
Is legit?

First, and the most important - it's not an agency!

It's something very special, a place where you can manage your OWN model career.
Is a scam?
It's definitely not!

It's a place where you register yourself as a model and you fill out all the information about yourself.
Very important to upload good-quality model snaps and your model portfolio. And then you have access to thousands of different castings.

You just need to choose a country and a city where you want to start working as a model, search for an interesting casting and submit your application with selected photos.

But that's not quite all...

You also get an ACCESS to a lot of industry professionals, such as photographers, makeup-artists, agencies, clients and others. You can find them in the "Pro Directory" section and you can write them directly.

It's a great tool to network and expand your connections.

But it's also not all! There is one more HUGE bonus for you out there :)

And it's a MODEL ACADEMY right inside the platform.

An academy where you can learn how to do model snaps, how to prepare for a casting, how to sign a good agency, how to earn more money, how to be a freelance model, how to run social media as a model

And one more important thing I want to share.

This platform offers CONTENT CREATION JOBS as well.

Personally, I started shooting content during the pandemic in 2020. That's, actually, the main reason why I signed with this platform. I wanted to work remotely and have new, cool stuff and earn money from that. was the best decision ever. I remember when I booked my first content creation job for 700$!

So if you have a lot of following or you know how to shoot aesthetic videos and pics - this platform is a solution for you, as well. Or if you have never done it before, but want to give it a try - apply on content creation castings!

Why do I need to pay for the platform?

The platform is not for free and there is a very transparent reason for that. As it's not an agency, they don't have any commissions from the model's jobs. So this is a payment for all people who stand behind the platform and work so hard to make it more safe, efficient and easy to use.

I can offer my -30% promo code:

So one year's usage is gonna be approximately 70 euros instead of 100 euros.

Fill it at the check out and enjoy the opportunities!

  • Question 1:
    Ok, but the competition on a platform is so high, how do I make sure to book many jobs?
    It's true, platform has over 1 million active users, so it's very hard to stand out! To make sure you will book a lot of jobs, do this:
    shoot high-quality model snaps. It's even better to invest in them and book a studio and pay to a professional photographer.
    Also upload just the BEST pictures of yourself in portfolio section. The better pictures you have - the more chances you will get.
    Stay very proactive! Write to the potential clients and cool photographers first, to get noticed.

  • Question 2:
    What if I am an aspiring model and don't have lots of experience?
    Answer: is very "new models friendly". You can gain experience inside the platform, learn in Model Academy and you can sign with your first agency there.
  • Question 3:
    What kind of castings do the platform has?
    Mainly there are these kinds of castings:
    • TFP shootings to expand your model portfolio ( they are free )
    • commercial shootings for different brands ( they are paid )
    • video shootings ( they are paid )
    • content creation castings ( they are usually or barter-based or product + paid )
    • casting for agencies ( you are not paid, but you signing an agency which can manage your future career
    • Question 4:
      Is it a safe platform?
      It´s pretty safe. I personally know the moderators from the platform and I know how they meticulously monitor all users. I remember one time, an agency downloaded pictures of me without my knowledge. I wrote to them that I did not sign a contract with that agency and they instantly removed that user.

      But anyway, I would recommend you not to give anyone from the platform any personal information, address, bank details. Also NEVER pay for any casting, shooting or any other job. If they are asking for money - they are scammers.
    Here you can watch my view review of the platform, where I explain how it works. Just click on a YouTube button.

    Also I attached my Telegram, if you have any other questions regarding