Modeling from A to Z

Everything you need to know to become a professional model

First steps. Where to begin? What is a mother agency and do you need one?
What are polaroids? What is portfolio and composite card?
How does model business work?
Types of model work and model duties
What kind of appearance is in demand in modeling?
What bring with you to a model trip?
How to get ready for a casting and for a shooting?
Model terms
Hi! Thank you friend for reading my article!

I'm really happy to help you, and I tried to make it as simple and useful as possible for you.

Before getting down to nitty-gritty of the model business let me introduce myself!

I have been in this business for 10 years.

I started this journey from New York. Then was Paris, Milan, Turkey, Hamburg, Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and China.

I wrote this long article because in my own career I made a lot of mistakes. I flied on my first model trip without the slightest understanding of what was required from me, what agency must do, what rights do I have and how do I earn money. I would have given a lot to be informed about this early on. But I had to find out everything by myself.

Now there is a lot of information on the Internet about modeling. You can read reviews about agencies and watch YouTube of models. But I haven't found a detailed guide on how to prepare yourself for this profession.

That's how I got the idea to write it by myself. Here is everything you need to know and even more.

Let's get straight to the point!

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My portfolio
A portfolio is the most important thing for a model. It is a selection of professional photos that models show to clients.

Here are some pictures from my portfolio. Enjoy watching :)
My comcard
Composite card (comcard) can be compared to the usual business card. Models leave it to clients on castings. Only instead of the usual small size, the comcards are large and show the model's photo, height, measurements and agency contacts.
2. First steps. Where to begin?
Check yourself: your appearance, age, measurements and height. We will still talk about model types and appearance but I want to cheer you up: nowadays model industry is much more diverse than 10 years ago. If you have tattoo, scars, large birthmarks, not very big hight it doesn't mean you can't try!
  • Height
    It should be 174-175 cm and no higher than 181 cm for women.

    For men from 183-190cm, even up to 194cm.

    Also nowadays there are a lot of models with "short" height. Lily-Rose Depp is 160cm, Emily Ratajkowski is 172cm, Kate Moss is 170 cm, Cara Delevingne is also 170 cm, Devon Aoki is 165 cm, Camille Rowe is 170 cm, Jenny Shimizu is 167 cm and I can continue this list. Now new division of "petite" models are developing very fast.

  • Measurements
    Designers sew new collections to +- one size. They will not tailor a collection to fit every model's figure. That's why it's so important to keep your measurements close to "model standarts". The most attention is usually paid to the hips.

    For women:
    At 165-176, hips should not exceed 86-87 cm
    At the height of 176-181 they should not exceed 90-93 cm
    Waist should not exceed 61-64 cm

    For men:
    Chest 95-100 cm, if a high-fashion type of model - you can have 88-91 chest, 93-96 hips

    For plus size:
    Chest 104-115 cm
    Waist 76-89 cm
    Hips 106-120 cm

  • Clean skin is extremely important.
    I know from my experience that it's hard to get a job with big, inflamed pimples. So keep your skin clean and healthy.
If you've decided you're a good fit, first step is to find a mother agency or an agent. If you want to try freelance modeling then you must start from doing high-quality polaroids and build portfolio.

The mother agency (next will be MA) is the one that finds you castings, clients and contracts abroad. Also the one who is helping to build you a strong portfolio. For their services they charge models 10-20% from their jobs.

Now you can also work as a freelance model, but it's much harder at first. Learn more about freelance modeling on my YouTube channel. It's always easier and profitable to work with an agency. Then you can switch to being a freelance model.

You can find MA in your hometown, in the capital or at the other end of the world. Open the Internet. Type in a modeling agency or mother agent and write to anyone.

I highly advice to use this site to find the best agencies:
What are the criteria for choosing MA?
They must be professionals and responsible people
They don't have to send you on the first trip to Milan, to any agency they find, just to send. They always listen to the models' wishes and consult with them. And they don't give you an ultimatum: "You're going to fly over there and for this long."

Look at the reviews. Look which jobs their models are doing. Check their Instagram. Look at where they send the girls and boys. Ask the models from that MA if they make money. See how the director communicates with you. If it's dismissive, arrogant or aggressive, it's better to keep looking.
Is it possible to work without an agency?
Of course you can!

Fist, you need to do polaroids. Then you must find photographers to shoot with to do portfolio. Your portfolio must contain different kind of pictures: portraits, full-length, b&w, natural ones without makeup and with different styles, poses and makeups. Please keep them stylish.
Improve your vision by checking Pinterest.
3. What are polaroids?
Snapshots or polaroids are pictures of a model in black underwear in natural light against a white wall. Polaroids are what will get you selected by a foreign agency or a potential client, so this is an IMPORTANT thing and you should read it carefully!

Do them carefully:

* Snaps can be done with a phone, but with a professional camera is always better. The agency wants to see you as natural as possible. So don't apply any makeup. A bit of concealer under eye and transparent brow gel and a bit of natural lipgloss is a maximum.

* Don't drink a lot of liquids the evening before snaps. Specially alcohol. Your face may swell.

* Take off all jewelry. Nothing should distract from you.

* I usually take off my snaps in plain black underwear and I can also do it in a black top and skinny jeans. Or in black leggings. Also wear high-heels that are classic and black.

* Underwear or a swimsuit should be black. No bows or lace.

* For guys, white or black underwear. Also no prints or patterns.

* Take pictures only in the daytime and in a bright room. The background should be as neutral as possible. No posters, no mess, no people.

* Take a picture of yourself in front, three-quarters and from the back (!) in full-length.

* And the same angles in the portrait-length.

* And at the end, you can pose freely for a little while.

* Also shoot your best catwalk on video and shoot a short presentation. For a presentation you must say your name, age, height, measurements and pose a little bit. Show your hands and palms and do a big smile in the end and wave goodbye.

Look at the examples of good Polaroids below:

And again about the PORTFOLIO
If MA is interested in you, they will try to do a basic portfolio for free. You may pay for couple of the shoot. Once I paid for my test shooting in NYC 500$.

But don't be fooled by those agencies that say they can do portfolio for you for some crazy price.
4. How do actually model business works?
So. Let's imagine that you have been choosen by an agency based on your snaps and portfolio, and you are planning a trip in a few months.

How much and what does the model have to pay?

The model pays for her visa, if a visa is needed for that country, and that´s ALL.

Tickets and apartments covered by agency but model will pay for it in the end of the trip-

There are some Milano, American agencies that refuse to pay for housing. Germany market rarely pays for housing. This is not always a bad thing. Just maybe the agency doesn't have model apartments or they are already occupied by other models. And in fact, it's much cheaper to rent an apartment on your own. If you don't have the budget for housing, look for another option.

If they start trying to tell you that the model need to send the money for something up front, it's a scam.

If the agency writes that the model herself need to buy tickets and pay for accommodation - it means that they are not too interested and you need to think about whether to fly to them or find a better one.

Look for an option where you pay JUST for the visa. Where the agency sends all the necessary documents and purchased tickets.

Upon arrival, you are met, checked into a model apartment and brought to the agency. On the first day you get acquainted with everyone and you need to sign a contract. It outlines the main responsibilities of the model and the agency. Then they give you a pocket money. Remember this term. It's just pocket money not your salary. They will be deducted from your income in the end of your trip.

Yes, yes, you don't have to worry about how you will survive in another country. Any agency will give you money once per week for the most basic needs: the subway and food. Usually in Europe, Turkey, and Asia, it's not a lot of money. So take something with you to make your trip interesting and comfortable.
In Paris and Milan it's around 70-80 euros per week. Turkey 50 euro per week. And here in America and Japan they give somewhere around $150-160 a week. Other asian countries like Korea and Chine give 80 euros per week.

Of course, this pocket money is then deducted from your income.

The next day the work begins! The model goes to all the castings and go-sees and waits to be booked for the job. Casting is a kind of interview. There model gets acquainted with the photographer or designer, she does her fitting, poses little bit and she leaves her comcard, so that through the agency she can be quickly found and booked. The more castings, the more chances you have to start working soon.

Much more easier if you are already live in the city where you plan to model. You don't need model apartments, tickets and you can start making money right away. You don't have debt, and in this case agency just takes their percent and all the rest sends to your account.

In the next section let's talk about different contracts and how models make money.

There are two types of contracts:

Percent contracts and Guarantee contracts.

Let's consider the first option, as it is more common.

When we arrive in the country, we already have a monetary debt to the agency. We owe money for tickets, apartments, comcards, airport cabs, etc. This debt is called a "minus".

Unfortunately, so far the "minus" is not covered by the agency itself, because they take the risk of inviting a model. After all, she may earn a lot of money, or she may not earn anything.

So we fly in with a minus and the first thing we have to do is to cover it. And only then do we make money for ourselves. Hence it becomes logical why models fly away for 2-3-4 months. It's almost impossible to earn money for yourself in a month.

When the minus is paid, we work for ourselves and get our salary at the end of the trip.

The agency will write the cost of every job you had, since everything is paid differently. Minus taxes, a percentage to the agency and a percentage to the mother agency. Taxes are different everywhere. In Paris, Berlin, NYC taxes can be very high! As you can see, earnings in the modeling business are very unpredictable. You have to be prepared for that. Carefully plan your finances.

If you have covered the minus and earned on top - the agency sends the money to YOU. Not to the mother agent!

In Turkey, China, Dubai, they can give you cash on the last day before your flight.
Guarantee contracts are another matter.

They are given in Asian countries. Most often Korea, Japan, and China.

This is a contract where at the end of the trip the model is GUARANTEED a salary.
Each girl has her own amount of money. Here it's important that your mother agent debate a bigger guarantee from the asian agency. Especially good salaries are paid in Japan.

Always read contracts carefully! All of them.

I flew to Guangzhou (China) on a guarantee contract. But I had a condition to do eight model jobs in the first month. I did not take the required number of jobs and the guarantee was automatically canceled. So I did not earn anything. Such conditions are quite common in Asian contracts. So read every page carefully.
What other kinds of contracts are there?
Contracts can also be exclusive and non-exclusive.
An exclusive contract is when a model is NOT allowed to work with another agency and directly with clients in the country where the contract was signed. tract.

It is important to understand that with this document, you can not work on the side or as a freelance model. But also the agency is obliged to provide a sufficient number of castings and work.

Non-exclusive is when the model can take work from other agencies or directly from the client.
Can a model terminate a model contract?
A modeling contract is not slavery. It is possible to terminate the contract by mutual consent of the parties, as well as unilaterally by both the model and the agency.
I've had cases where I left and where the agency decided they didn't want to work with me. And this is normal.

Carefully read the Terms of Termination. Always make sure that termination is possible on BOTH sides, not just the agency.

It is always better to terminate the cooperation with the agency through the mother agentt, not directly. If the initiative is from your side, read whether you have to pay a penalty or compensate yourself. Find out and stipulate a deadline for when you end the cooperation. Before you leave the agency, you can take a consultation with a lawyer.
5. Types of model jobs
Model duties:
  • Attendance at all castings, go-sees and jobs from the agency
  • Be punctual and show up on time
  • Keep your measurements in the same size
  • Take care of your skin, hair, nails
  • To carry out your work in a quality and professional manner
  • Any change of appearance to coordinate with their agencies. You are not allowed to do visible tattoos, change hair length or color without your agency's permit
  • Provide professional posing and catwalk on jobs. You can learn that on my online posing course "Posing secrets" here is the link
Types of model jobs:
  • Runway\catwalk\show
    A fashion show where model need to walk down the podium
  • Presentation
    Presentation of a designer collection, where the model does walk, but simply stands still and poses for the photographers for several hours
  • Showroom
    Model must try on different looks from designer´s new collection. The model demonstrates clothes all day long to the buyers who make purchases for their stores from all around the world
  • Fitting
    The model stands in one place and designer sew щт рук.ршь pieces from the new collection
  • TFP Shooting\test shooting
    Shooting that is not paid. Both a model and a photographer need this shooting to refill or renew their portfolio
  • Catalog shooting\e-commerce
    Commercial shooting for a catalog and a site
  • Lookbook
    Commercial shooting for a clothing brand
  • Campaign shooting
    Commercial shooting for brands for use on bigboards, banners, the home page of the site, the page in the magazine. The highest paid type of work
  • Lingerie shooting
    Shooting for lingerie brand
  • Editorial shooting
    Shooting for a magazine
  • TVC
    Video shooting for TV ads
  • Video shooting
    Any different kind of video shooting
6. Modeling in different countries
The model market in different countries is called the word "market". For example, the Chinese market. Or the American market, the Italian market, etc.

Each country has its own specifics, its own rates, its own jobs, its own types of models, and now we are going to figure it all out.

Also there are money markets and there are countries, where it is difficult to make money, but easy to make a great portfolio.

To learn more about modeling in different countries check my YouTube chanel:

The main cities are Paris, Milan, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona. Slightly less popular, but also possible to work there: Switzerland, Greece, Holland, Portugal.
Quite a complicated market and I don't recommend flying there on your first trip. Not so long ago a lot of new agencies opened, quite mediocre.

But they are happy to take girls who are just starting out. But you can't send completely new facel into a fairly competitive environment.

In Milan there are thousands of models, you can stand on castings for three hours and chances that client will take a girl without a portfolio and a name are very small.

There are plenty of showrooms, but I don't see the point in them, because they don't pay much in Milan. From around 100-300 euro per day. So to repay the minus will be quite difficult.

In general it is rather difficult to earn money there but you can update your portfolio. Lots of good photographers are based there. Also it's a good market to try Fashion Week for the very first time and have a sense what is it.

Another thing is if you go there already with a name and with a strong agency. Or you did good Fashion Week and only now Milan can open all the doors for you. Quality of jobs and the rates will be completely different.

I'll tell you from my own experience. I went there in May-June with a strong book and a good agency. I took ANY job, except the showroom for the brand AGNONA, where I worked for two weeks from morning till evening. The pay was 300 euros a day. My 150 euros out of that. I very clearly worked off my debts, but I earned nothing for myself.

Oh Paris. Such an important market for all the models! If you do good in Paris, you gonna do good everywhere else.

It's offering much more higher rates and salaries. But Paris has the highest taxes, 70% of your earnings will go to the agency and tax authorities.

So when you take a shoot for 1,500 or 2,000 euros, it seems like life is good. But in fact, your money is approximately 450-600 euros. Which isn't much anymore, considering that Paris is pretty expensive.
But still it's very important to be here, to show yourself and get to know Parisian clients. Update your model book with amazing b&w photos and enjoy croissants!

In terms of making money it is possible to earn a lot of money. Fly only to a strong agency and only in the right season.

They pay 300-1200 euros for a show during the Fashion Week. Or sometimes you getting just designers clothes. For me Vivienne Westwood showroom paid 350 euros a day. Other showrooms pay from 150-400 euros per day.
Commercial shootings starts from 800euro and can be up to 1500 euro. And even more for more popular brands. Campaigns may vary from 1000-20000 euro + buyouts
My favorite European market. That's where you flying to do directs.

Now I will tell you what it is and how it works.

I found an agency in Hamburg. I buy my own tickets and find my own place to stay and fly in exactly 5-7 days. I get to know the agency, go on castings and fly back home. Next, the client likes me and he calls me to the set and pays for my ticket and hotel.

Voila. All our expenses for this trip paid off.

I've flown that way quite a few times. To Hamburg and Berlin. Most of the model jobs are in Hamburg but Berlin is quite busy as well.
Now I am based in Berlin, I have immigrated here and can't be happier. I am signed with two agencies with non-exclusive contract and working a lot with clients directly.

One full shooting day may be 1000-1300 euros.
Half day 400-500 euros.
Fashion show 300-800 euros.

So this is one of my favorite markets and I always recommend to everyone to find an agency in Germany.

Keep in mind that you can fly to castings at your own expense and no one will like you. The modeling business is one solid risk!
Also a highly competitive market, but where it is realistic to get out of the minus and earn the money.

Because quantity of jobs - wow! There are plenty of jobs.

But there is a but! Too many modeling agencies have opened in Istanbul. To the point that it could just be some rich dude who doesn't know anything about modeling at all. But he wants to see beautiful, young girls next to him.

So be careful and let them find you a good modeling agency.

It's quite easy to get into Istanbul. They don't look too much at measurements or height. You can even have bigger hips and breasts than usual.

There's a lot of work and a lot of castings. The main thing is to get there in the high-season. When they have Ramadan, the market freezes up.

They do not pay much, but to get out of minus and earn is realistic if you work often. On my first trip, I earned $1300 for a month, working almost every day.

Market is good for beginners, to gain experience in posing and see how the business works, to earn money, to do some really cool editorials. I know a lot of models who prefer work just in Turkey.

But it's also dangerous. In Turkey you will always have the attention of men. Don't pay attention if they stare at you or say something. Also, don't give your numbers to strange men.

A friend of mine had a case where a man followed her all the way to the model apartment. It's a good thing that building was with a security guard and he didn't go any further.
Cities to work in: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hanzhou, Shenzhen and many more :)

In fact, it's a good market to make lots of money. But the money is not easy. China often gives a guarantee contracts. Pick a good MA that will beat out a bigger guarantee for you. Earnings on a usual contract will be somewhere around +100-200$ per shooting hour.

But it's worth considering that modeling there is harder and not the same as European modeling, for example. Shooting often lasts from morning until the late night. Lunch breaks are short. Taking your time to smoke and drink coffee is also not welcomed. The Chinese work hard. They expect the same from you. Shootings often take place in cold studios. Makeup artists don't always follow all the hygiene rules. I suggest you buy your own brushes and beauty blender before you fly to China. Give them to the makeup artist before you start your makeup to protect your skin.

What I like about China is that you have a driver to take you to the castings. You don't have to drive yourself. It's the same in Istanbul and Korea by the way.

What other disadvantages are there? In China, the posing is specific. Very quick changes of poses and everything is so Asian and cute. Quite often on commercial shootings you have to smile. It may affect the way models pose who have been going to China for a many time. They also start to pose like that in Europe or America. And for Europe and US it is a no-go to pose in "Chinese style".

It's better in Shanghai. You can get some great high-fashion shots for your portfolio from there. But the salary is higher in Guangzhou but you have to smile there ))

What I remember from my trip to China is that sickness is not an excuse to stay at home. A booker came to my friend with a fever, gave her a pill and said she had to go to a job. I don't know if all agencies do that, but I've heard a lot of stories like that.

In China you can work part-time in clubs. Model girls are very popular at parties, Chinese people obsessed with white European girls. So just by coming to the club and pretending to have fun you can earn $40-50. For me to be in a club is more of a challenge than a pleasure, so I never went anywhere. So when asked if it's safe and if drunken Chinese don't molest you there, I can't answer the question.
I will only say one thing, don't do it if you have work in the morning. Your face will look terrible and better save the energy.

In general, the country is interesting :)
Cities to work in: Tokyo and Osaka.

It's my favorite country! Although I didn't have a chance to work there, I was just a tourist.
All models love Japan.

First of all it is generous market and it gives very good guarantees for models. My Kiev friend used to take away about $10,000 per trip.

Secondly everyone likes Tokyo and Osaka, it's a city of huge contrasts, beautiful architecture, nature, advanced technology and super tasty food. You never get bored there.

And thirdly, the attitude towards models is angelic. They really care about the model and try to please her as much as possible. They want her to feel warm and comfortable, not to be hungry and not to be thirsty. I've often heard that they give facial massages and often give gifts after the shoot. And the Japanese themselves love foreigners and try to be as polite as possible to them.

Japan market like young girls of the baby-face type. But there are exceptions everywhere and it's important to try.

The market is very competitive, but there are a lot of jobs.
Another cool Asian market.

They also give a guarantee contract. So you can have both: pictures and money. The guarantees are not as high as in Japan. For a 2-3 month trip you can get $3000-5000 in a top agency.

They also take you to jobs and castings by car with their own driver. The agencies are pretty friendly. We were often taken to breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. Our driver or booker usually bought coffee for me at coffee shops before the work.

I had a lot of wedding shootings in my experience and also Korea offer tools of jobs on TV. TV shopping is still alive there and usually they need models to show clothes or accessories as well.
I wish all aspiring models had been there!

That's where I shoot my strongest editorial pictures.

But, please, fly to only top agencies there. As, in principle, everywhere else.

In Singapore you can easily get a cool magazine and a cover and they print photos so fast that by the end of the trip you can take all the magazines with your photos. It's not like shooting editorial in Europe, where you wait five-six months for your editorial to come out.

It's hard to make money there, but it's possible. For editorials they pay very little, but if you take shows and catalogs, you'll get money.

For magazines payment is $ 100-150, shows of Asian brands $ 300-400, the show of famous brands (I had Calvin Klein and Bershka) $ 1000-1200
Another city that falls in love with itself. Insanely beautiful, completely unlike everything else. It's a concrete jungle, wild nature, islands, mesmerizing mountains and all at once!

It's true that the modeling has its own specifics. They put you in expensive and tiny accommodations. In Hong Kong, this is the norm, the apartments here are tiny.

You share your tiny room with another girl. For work, things are very unpredictable. You can take one job that covers all your minus, or you can only take cheap shootings and shows. I booked shows for 200-250$ and shootings for the same rate. But for such an expensive city that's not enough!

Sometimes there's a lot of casting, sometimes you have nothing the whole week. There's no guarantee in HK. That's why girls often fly out without any money.

Don't fly during the Chinese New Year. That's in February. Both China and Hong Kong rest for 2 weeks and there are not even castings.

Models in HK can come and eat at the best clubs in that city, but don't go before early shooting.
There are also other Asian markets like Taiwan, Taipei, Bali, Bangkok, Kuala-Lumpur and others.

Main cities to work in: New York, Miami, LA

New York City
I don't know a model yet who doesn't enjoy working in New York City.

It's a great city, huge opportunities, high rates per hour, best parties, celebrities walking casually on the streets, model lounge, free gyms and spas for models, and the list goes on and on.

It's important to fly in a good agency that is really interested in you. Otherwise, you may risk to stay without castings and jobs. And NY is sooo expensive, you must work a lot there.

There are a lot of castings and a lot of jobs in the high season. A little boring can be during summer time in June and July and November and December. But before the Fashion Week and one month after it is a great time to upgrade your book and earn money.

NY is a great city to meet and work with famous photographers and designers, to walk on a Fashion Week and earn good money.

City looooves new faces and very open for diverse models.

Rates in the States:

Show $700-$1500 or designer clothes
Showroom $700-$1000 for a full day, may be more with overtime (if you work for more than 8 hours)
Catalog shoot - $1000-$1300 for a full day of shoots, $500-600 for half daz
Lookbook - $1200-$2000
Campaigns - $1500-$10000 + buyouts and up, depending on the brand
The market is more commercial than in NYC. Lots of swimming suits and lingerie job offers.

Another busy market, with the same high rates.

Along with model castings, there are also lots of acting castings. So you may try acting career as well. Movie industy always needs some extras for the movies and it's a great way to start.

A car is a must there, unfortunately. Or fortunately :)

Also a great and highly important market for models.

If you do good in Paris first, then London, then you are all set ;)

There's a lot of work, a lot of competition, too. Great rates. Possible both: to make good money and book high-quality jobs.
Также есть миллион других модельных маркетов, я просто охватила самые популярные. Можно поехать и в Африку, и в Индию и в Австралию и в Дубаи. Так что не расстраивайтесь, если вас не берет какая-то одна определенная страна. Стучитесь дальше! Мир огромен.
Is model business safe?
It's a question that parents are more interested in. But I would also like to reach out to the girls themselves.

I want you to know that models also disappear on modeling trips and can be raped or get hooked on drugs. There is a Ukrainian model Dasha Bulba who disappeared in China in 2016 and till now nobody can find her. And this happened not in a club, not even during night time. She was just walking down on promenade all alone. It was day time. And then she just disappeared. There is still a version that someone kidnaped her but we still don't know all the truth.

You may know good side of the business, but there's also the shady side.

If you decide to do these trips, you are now responsible for your own life. Even an agency won't help you if something happens.

So stay safe

If the photographer behaves inappropriately during the shoot, call the booker right away and try to leave the shoot.

If the photographer asks you to undress, you have the right to refuse. Usually this is agreed in advance with the booker and the model, rather than decided during the photoshoot spontaneously.

The photographer should not touch you. If this happens - tell him/her not to touch you.

If the shoot ends very late, ask the agency or client to call a cab. Most of the time, clients pay for this.

Never give your passport to anyone! Never give anyone the keys to a model apartment. Be careful with personal information ( telephone number, address )

Stay safe!
Is modeling hard?
Yes, it can be.

It can be hard to be judged by appearance every single day. You can be rejected lots of times before you actually start booking jobs. It can affect your confidence and self-belief.

It's hard financially. Cause one month you earn 5000$ and next one you don't book a single job.

It can be exhausting cause some shootings last 12-14 hours. Sometimes shooting starts at 4 or 5am.

Sometimes it's too cold in the studio. Sometimes it's too hot. And so on.

But I want to motivate you, that it's worth to try! And those difficalties are not that important in the end. You can work on them! For example, get a part-time job to be more financially stable. Or do the therapy so rejects are not are not taken so personally.

You can see the world, meet amazing people, earn that money and create unforgettable moments.
Can you be cheated in the model business?
Yes. You can be cheated by the agency, so once again I will write to choose the BEST and with excellent REPUTATION.
This can happen anywhere. The client may pay a lot, but the agency will write that it is half as much. And there is no way we can check it, because it is a mauvais ton to ask the client how much he pays you. Sometime you can be cheated by a client as well. Specially, if you work as a freelance model. So here I advise to take an advance paymentю For example 50%. And the rest client pass after you have done your work.
7. Types of models
Here I will share what types of models work a lot nowadays
Baby face
Cute, almost baby faces with rosy cheeks and blond hair. They are adored by Asian markets.
Strong face
A type very suitable for fashion shows and editorials. Expressive and "strong" facial features. Brightly visible cheekbones.
Edgy face
Such a face is at once memorable for its unusual beauty. All the faces with gaps in between teeth, large birthmarks, big eyes or ears can be in this segment.
Commercial face
Girls and guys with a classic face. Oval face shape, plump lips, beautiful eyes, flat nose.
Plus size
They, too, have their own parameters, beyond which you can not go or can not lose too much weight.

Chest 115-120 cm
Waist 100-104cm
Hips 127-130 cm
8. What to take with you
on a model trip? What you need to have in your wardrobe as a model?
So, let's imagine that you made it! You are signed with the best agency and they found an amazing contract for you. You are planing the trip and thinking what to pack.

Take with you all your hygiene products, a towel and a hair dryer. As there is often none in the model apartment or there is only one for 6-7 girls.

Take make-up stuff, cosmetics, hair products, high-heels for castings and comfortable shoes to run on castings.

Girls take four or five sets of "working" underwear: beige seamless. Guys take white-bej-black seamless underwear, too.

Take a big tote bag to fit your portfolio or iPad, shoes, bottle of water and more.

Take a basic first aid kit: for colds, head, stomach disorders. Doctor's appointments abroad are very expensive. Most of the time agencies are not covering health insurance for models. So make sure to take all your medicine, supplements and vitamins, its better to take more then less.

Now let's talk about clothes and wardrobe.

For every model it's a MUST to have following:

1. Basic black and white tops to fitted T-shirts. No prints.
2. Skinny black jeans
3. Black leggings
4. Black high-heels
5. Sneakers
6. Black fitted dress
7. White shirt
8. Black jacket to black leather jacket

I'll give you examples of how models dress for castings:
9. How to prepare for a casting or shooting?
Before the castings, we try to get enough of sleep, do a very minimal makeup, and wear black or nude underwear. We need to think about the proper outfit. But don't simple wear all black like all the models. Think about adding something special, add some personality with accsessories.

Don't forget to take shoes, your book and a comcard. A hair band, lip balm and hand cream. Be on time!

We do the same before the shoot.

We try not to drink liquids before going to bed, specially alcohol. For our face to look fresh and beautiful. Use eye patches and vitamin C face mask in the morning or before going to bed.

Wear beige seamless underwear the color of your skin for the shoot! No makeup on. Show up with clean hair! Use deodorant that doesn't leave marks on your clothes. Don't use oil on your body so as not to stain your clothes.

Google your client, get to know his/her clothes and how models pose for this brand.

All in all, this is pretty all you need to know before starting your modeling career.

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